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I enjoy when you can have a laid back professional conversation with a genuinely great person that is wanting to help others the best way possible! Mike is the guy with the brains and ability to relay information in a way that anyone can understand. He’s done the work for you to give you what you need to become the next GovCon expert. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Real Talk

Mike Lejeune is a Government Contracting Expert (GovCon Expert) that is helping millions of Veterans, Individuals or businesses achieve the success of winning Government contracts.

It goes beyond just securing the contracts. However, Mr. Lejeune is prepared to walk you through step by step with the help of his friends with additional knowledge, such as Jenny Clark “The Oprah of Government Contracting”.

We highly encourage you to the GovCon Summit to learn the ways, network and receive valuable information.

GovCon Summit 2021 sign-up: https://solvability.com/govconsummit/

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Gamechangers Podcast:


Amazon Books by Mike Lejeune:

  • Becoming a GovCon Expert
  • Game Changers for Government Contractors
  • The Business Coaches Playbook
  • Business Blog Bites

Listen to his story and let us know what you think.

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  1. Linkedin: Mike Lejeune Linkedin Profile
  2. Website: RSM Federal

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