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This was a great interview with one of my best friends that has been there with me from the times when we had nothing but a dream. Mark leaves you with great insight on home ownership and more! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Episode #9

Mark is a 10 year Army Veteran, Community Instructor and successful Real Estate agent that serves the East Coast of Florida. He’s not just a realtor, he is a pioneer that saw the difference that he was making in the community (especially the minority community) in ownership versus renting. So, he did something about it!

His desire to inspire and lead his underserved and underrepresented community, lead him to pioneer a homeownership program called “We Own Things”. His experience of growing up in poverty and not knowing about homeownership or how to get started in entrepreneurship at an early age, drives him to help, make the change, for the future of the next generation today.

Listen to his story and let us know what you think.

Show people a different way, I did it, so can you!

Mark Franklin

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The Bio

Mark Franklin is a Father first, 10 year Army Veteran, Real estate agent and community teacher. He joined the Army out of high school at 17 years old. He had a 4 year break in service, during that break in service he worked civil service as a master scheduler for Martin Army Hospital in Fort Being, GA.
Upon leaving the military for the second time he enrolled in Kieser University for his nursing degree, in the mist of his nurse schooling he acquired his real estate license and found his true passion.

Growing up with his mother in the poverty riddled Riviera palm beach area on section 8 housing with no living stability. Constantly moving from home to home and not being able to put roots down. Juxtapose to living with his father who was a homeowner and having the stability that he needed. He was able to place roots and make lifelong friends. Some of these friendships would be invaluable.

He saw the difference in results and opportunity in ownership versus renting. Especially in his minority community. He made it his mission to help as many families as possible to experience home ownership. Especially veterans and those first time homebuyers that may have never thought they would be able to own a home.

His desire to inspire and lead his underserved and underrepresented community lead to him starting an ownership initiative program named “We Own Things”. Mark has experienced growing up in poverty and not knowing anything about homeownershp or how to get started in entrepreneurship at an early age. “We Own Things” was created to bridge that gap in the minority community.

While arming the community with this knowledge and having the participants experience the results firsthand. The program is fast growing and becoming a valuable resource for those in search of guidance in the homebuying and entrepreneur space.


  1. Mark Franklin – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mark.q.franklin

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