“Happiness or Money?” Sean Christian

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The Big Transition!

This interview was focused on the transition from the military to allow for complete focus on entrepreneurship or work for another company. Always great conversations with Sean! Let us know what you think.

Episode #8

Not just another cool guy! Sean has spent close to 21 years of his life in the military and balancing entrepreneurship. Now he’s currently in the process of transitioning out of his career in the Air Force to focus on the next chapter in his life!

Listen to his story and let us know what you think.

Happiness or money?…money can’t buy happiness!

Sean Christian

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The Bio

Sean Christian is a Air Force veteran that has a compelling story on his way to being a successful entrepreneur. His experience in the military has afforded him the opportunity to expand his network and create residual income as an entrepreneur. 

After relocating from E. Texas to FL. He worked as a Regional marketing and trainer for recruiters and founded his company called Skyline Canopies!


  1. Company: Skyline Canopies
  2. Rando Podcast

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Episode 8