“Build it. Sell it. Do it again!” Jonathan Dickinson

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This was a great interview with Jon that left a lot of nuggets to be absorbed to help many on their entrepreneurship journey! Let us know which ones stand out to you.

Episode #7

This is another cool guy! Jonathan is an experienced entrepreneur that has purchased, built and sold, not one, but two successful businesses! The latest business that him and his wife recently sold generated over 1 million dollars in revenue within 8 years.

He’s a successful entrepreneur, husband and Freedive instructor!

Listen to his story and let us know what you think.

Build it. Sell it. Do it again!

Jonathan Dickinson

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The Bio

Jonathan Dickinson, is a Air Force veteran and a successful entrepreneur that has purchased, owned and sold a million dollar a year freediving company! His story is truly an entrepreneur’s dream. He married his wife and business partner; and as a team, they were able to take the freediving business from 350k/yr to 1.6M/yr in just 8 years. He has stories of being an entrepreneur that goes back to the 1st grade. 

His hard work and dedication lead him to create the largest Freedive/Spearfishing facility in the US. I’m sure you may have seen him on youtube spearfishing somewhere beautiful! Now he’s traveling the US in an RV with his wife and two young sons, which I’m sure he’s teaching them with note cards the definition of entrepreneurship already! 


  1. Instagram: Jonathan.boaz
  2. Youtube: Thebravebunch

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Episode 7