“It’s about timing..” Doug Isaacks

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We’ve had conversations in the past prior to this interview, however, I didn’t fully grasp the idea that Doug was presenting at the time. This interview finally gave us the time to dive into the details of “Human Performance Optimization” and allow for him to provide clarity on how it is revolutionizing the industry! All I can say is “WOW”!

Episode #6

This guy is pretty cool, he has over 20 yrs and is now a ret. Air Force Pararescueman. Also, he just happens to be an innovative entrepreneur!  He is the founder and CEO of Gurardian Premier Solutions (GPS). He lead the team  that has successfully pioneered the Human Performance Optimization industry (HPO) in both the private sector and within the Department of Defense!

He’s an expert at training and equipping others with developing psychological and physical stamina for managing the high risk, high demand, nature of certain careers. 

It’s about timing…

Doug Isaacks

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The Bio

Doug Isaacks is the founder and CEO of Guardian Premier Solutions (GPS), a Service- Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. In this role, he is responsible for leading Team GPS and pioneering the Human Performance Optimization (HPO) Industry in both the private sector and within the Department of Defense.

He serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and specializes in HPO initiatives designed to augment, develop and improve long term, real life outcomes for personnel in occupationally demanding roles. Mr. Isaacks served with over 20 years as a special duty operator in the Pararescue (PJ) career field.
Serving as a SME and Consultant, Mr. Isaacks’ distinctive set of qualifications and experience allows him to provide a unique perspective to the development of the human capability. He has extensive experience in HPO and as a consultant, training and equipping others with developing psychological and physical stamina for managing the high risk, high demand nature of certain careers.

His commitment to serving and supporting highly reliable, special mission career fields is not limited in the private sector. His military background includes tactical, operational and strategic positions across Air Force Special Operations Command, Pacific Air Forces, Air Combat Command, United States Air Forces Europe, Air Education and Training Command and Air Force Reserve Command.

Mr. Isaacks has extensive experience as a strategic and operational leader. As a Rescue Wing Command Chief, he led Air Force’s most elite rescue forces and provided combat ready Airmen to the fight. He oversaw five groups and over 2000 aircrew, Guardian Angel Airmen, and support personnel.
During his military career, Mr. Isaacks deployed numerous times and conducted unilateral, joint and combined civil, combat and special operations missions in South America, Gulf of Mexico, Southwest Asia, Europe, the North Atlantic Ocean and Africa.
Mr. Isaacks received his Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences and earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Trident University in California.


  1. Web: gpscorps.com

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Episode 6