“Go with Your Instincts…” Alex Bader

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Time is money!

This was a cool, but laidback conversation with a successful Vetrepreneur, that has mastered balancing military life with civilian to become a successful entrepreneur in less than two years!

Episode #4

He’s really example of how to think outside of the box or within one! He is a veteran of the Air Force, “Pararescueman” in the Air Force and a successful entrepreneur that has built his own “Food truck district” in Ft Walton Beach, FL in a location they call Fresh Culture.

The Food district, is comprised of 4 different trucks to form a company called Sunset Bowls!

He’s worked with Special Forces groups all over the world and been on multiple deployments. However, as a true entrepreneur, he managed to lead a team of 30 individuals, including 5 managers to help make his dream a reality. 

He truly is an amazing story! 

Go with your instincts…

Alex Bader

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The Bio

Alex Bader is the owner of Sunset Bowls, LLC a food truck business comprised of 4 different food trucks all in the same location creating a “Food Truck District” that is called “Fresh Culture”.

The concepts include Acai Bowls & Smoothies, Coffee, Breakfast & Lunch and lastly, Juices & Crepes. Recently his business has started to roast their own coffee starting “Uncommon Roasters” to start selling wholesale coffee. Operating with a team of 30 individuals including 5 managers and 3 Full-Time team members. While operating this business, he also is a reservist as a Pararescueman.

Before going reserve Alex served on Active Duty for six years as a Pararescueman at Hurlburt Field, FL at the 23rd STS. Alex did multiple deployments during this time all over the world, working with different Special Forces groups all over the world. Meanwhile, Alex also does part-time work contracting for Tribalco, a company that specializes in equipment and training for all DOD services, as an instructor for Technical Rescue Courses for various DOD teams.


  1. Web: freshculturefwb.com
  2. FB: facebook.com/sunsetbowlsfwb/
  3. IG: instagram.com/sunsetbowlsfwb

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Episode 4