“Pay Your Dues for Success” Isabel Williams

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One Real Story podcast and book series designed to inspire, motivate and educate future/existing entrepreneurs.

We could talk forever!

This was fun and laidback conversations regarding entrepreneurship, our experiences of poverty and how we should do more for the communities that made us who we are today. Isabel has a wealth of information and wisdom!

Episode #3

She is not just an immigrant, woman, or veteran entrepreneur. Isabel is a hardworking successful entrepreneur who is quietly making big strides in her area of expertise of homeownership and mortgages. Her story is not one to be overlooked, but it’s meant to help other’s in any way to show them that they can make a difference as well, no matter where they are from!

Isabel’s dedication to the hispanic and black minority community speaks volumes to how big her heart is and her determination for making a difference.

Pay your dues, even if you have to work for free at times on the path towards success!

Isabel Williams

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The Bio

Isabel Williams is a mother, sister, aunt, daughter and an entrepreneur by birth!
She owns and operates the only minority, woman and veteran owned mortgage company in St Lucie County.
“We Save Loans”

The passion to give her community a fighting chance was the foundation that she built her company’s mission on.
She believes that every family deserves the opportunity to own a home and its her mission to make that happen!
Her love for the minority community is rooted in her own experience of being a 1st generation immigrant and growing up in a predominantly migrant worker community of blacks and Hispanics. Her experience growing up in poverty and being disenfranchised has given her the firsthand experience to truly understand the needs of this underserved and underrepresented community.

As a young woman she had the fortune of living in Okinawa, Japan and that move was the exposure she needed to understand that there was another way of experiencing life.
With her time in the military she learned the discipline needed to press and push beyond her expectations, mental limitations and physical possibilities. These experiences and trials have allowed her heart and eyes to open. The seed that was planted at birth has now grown into a tree and has begun to bear fruit!
Her desire to help others shows in her business, professional standards and her personal life!


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Episode 3