“International Entrepreneur” Carl D. White Jr.

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One Real Story podcast and book series designed to inspire, motivate and educate future/existing entrepreneurs.

Proud Brother!

This was an amazing show. It’s not often that I have a chance to speak with my brother, due to our busy schedules. However, if you listen to his wisdom that he offers up to those willing to accept, he will be sure to inspire you!

Episode #2

The term International entrepreneur is not to be used lightly. This a behind the scenes look into Carl White’s journey and transformation into a highly successful international entrepreneur that has paved a way for those after him. It’s not easy a successful entrepreneur in the states, however he’s managed to do both worldwide and in the states!

Carl’s calm demeanor and strategic approach to business is unmatched and comparable to none.

You have a superpower within you!

Carl D. White Jr.

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The Bio

Founder of FUNomenal Ventures based in Berlin, Germany (focused on creating and financing mixed-use real estate projects) Business consultant for some of the top German-based companies (Mister Spex – Multichannel team, VMZ- Dora app team, and Scharfstein Group- real estate acquisitions team) former Legal Advocate with WilmerHale Law Firm in the Community Enterprise Project Team.

Industry peers call him the “Sustainable-Preneur” for his insatiable drive to ensure every project is financially and environmentally sustainable and a long-lasting business relationship secured. Also, how he understands multiple parts of a deal and brings the competent parties together creating a perfectly balanced collaboration. Carl comes from a background in commercial real estate transactions, real estate and business development.

He has successfully executed business development and financing for projects in the United States, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Italy, France, Spain and Latvia prior to forming FUNomenal Ventures located in Berlin, Germany. Carl is now focused on mixed-use development projects that fuel visitor experiences and increasing the value add of investor portfolios.


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Episode 2