“Navy Welder to Success” Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD

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One Real Story podcast and book series designed to inspire, motivate and educate future/existing entrepreneurs.

The “Doc” experience!

This was a great first interview that we did for the show. Doc’s energy and excitement for this project is what made us begin recording and get the job done. This idea was sitting in my back pocket for at least two years now and he said let’s do it!

Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD. - One Real Story Interview.

Episode #1

Navy welder to success is a behind the scenes look into Eric ”Doc” Wright’s journey and transformation into a highly successful entrepreneur. He opens up about his childhood and experiences that has made him who he is today.

Doc has a drive and passion that is unbelievable and if you happen to be in the same room with him; the energy is electric!

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Author: Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD | Contributing Author: Dana White

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The Bio

Eric “Doc” Wright, PhD, is a military veteran, business philosopher, military-civilian linguist, founder of Vets2PM, LLC and its PDU University, co-founder of the Voyce Hub and the 501(c)3 Veteran Project Management Mentor Alliance, 2X Amazon Best Selling Author, and multi-topic motivational Keynote speaker. 

His work has helped thousands of military veterans, managers, contractors, and government personnel achieve meaningful, lucrative post-service careers!  And businesses!  In fact, Vets2PM is the 2019 Department of Labor HIRE Vets Gold Award Winner for its veteran hiring initiatives!  You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as docwright2012, and at www.vets2pm.com/blog..

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Episode 1